The headlines proclaim it all: “Frances Haugen Takes on Facebook: The Making of a Modern US Hero” chimes The Guardian, and it isn’t the only one. Haugen secured her own special on and was busy testifying in Congress within days.

The thing is, Haugen isn’t saying anything we…

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Working on a school report? Writing that novel or short story that’s been nagging the back of your brain? Stuck on that article you’re trying to write for …

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The song “Forever Young” by Alphaville asks the poignant question if you want to live forever young. …


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Every Easter, a meme goes around saying that the Christian holiday Easter actually comes from the Babylonian goddess Ishtar. This isn’t done for scholarly reasons, either; it’s meant to be a little “gotcha!” to the Christian religion because some people really have nothing better to do.

Agora Movie Poster

(NOTE: I intended to write something for Good Friday, but this article was on the back burner, so I finished it up instead and originally posted it here. It’s an odd thing to talk about on this day, but history cannot be forgotten…)

I absolutely love history, and historical movies…

I’m writing for both Medium and at the moment, and this article can also be found there for anyone interested.

A two-toed sloth relaxes in the trees.

I’m an animal lover. Specifically of the variety who prefer the companionship of animals to humans. You know, the best kind of people! …

Happy International Women’s Day! Sorry for the tardiness of this article, which was originally posted (still late) at It functions similar to Medium, except people can tip you in Bitcoin Cash.

There’s something very unfortunate about the narrative of women’s rights. First of all, when I was in…


The Elephant in the Room

There’s an elephant in the room: the coronavirus, also called COVID-19. It’s such a novel thing that my spell-checker doesn’t even recognize it as a word!

The virus escape the confines of Wuhan, China and created a modern-day pandemic. Thousands are sick within hospitals, self-quarantined, or fighting for their very…


This last week was International Women’s Day, and I fully intended to get something up on the actual day, but, alas, I got caught up doing other things.

Typical me, I guess.

Anyway, I had two articles in mind: one reminded people that there’s still one woman (Tulsi Gabbard) left…

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